Art history studies works and their meaning in history.

Like the nine muses, there are nine major arts: architecture, sculpture, visual arts…

Artistic trends or movements are groups of artists and works that share a common aesthetic.

Explore the different artistic disciplines to find your way

The trick to discovering the right artistic expression for you is to take an interest in different artistic disciplines: dance, photography, sculpture, painting, theatre, music… By trying out artistic disciplines, you discover new ways to express your creativity. These disciplines help you hone your skills, enhance your creativity and find your own path.

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The evolution of art: from the streets to the galleries

Art is a constantly evolving field that reflects the cultural, social and political upheavals of its time. Street art is one of the most innovative and lively artistic movements. It has become so popular that it can be found in contemporary art galleries, auction houses and museums. To discover works with ease, visit virtual museums such as

Art between beauty and functionality

Art fascinates the viewer with its beauty.


Painting is one of the oldest art forms.


Discover sculptures on wood, stone, metal, ceramic or glass.


The architect designs functional and aesthetically harmonious spaces.



Landscape, portrait, still life, architectural photography…


Rock, classical, jazz, pop… music can take many forms.


Short stories, novels, poetry, essays… writers use various writing styles to express themselves.

Cinema tells a variety of stories through documentaries, comedies, action films, dramas…

Filmmakers make cinematic works to explore cultural, political, social and psychological themes. This visual art form offers viewers a unique perspective on an imaginary world. Film makers provide a compelling and immersive cinematic experience.

Celebrating diversity in art

cultural influences

The wealth of cultural influences

Diverse artistic styles from around the world

Iconic artists from different backgrounds

Iconic artists from different backgrounds

Art as a tool for representation and inclusion

Art as a means to foster open-mindedness and tolerance

Many artists use art to promote understanding, compassion, challenge stereotypes and prejudice towards people of different ethnicity, creed or culture. It is a powerful and inspiring way to promote open-mindedness and tolerance. Art exhibitions provide inclusive and safe spaces for discriminated and marginalised people.

Beyond the canvas

Some artists do not hesitate to use unconventional materials to create original and aesthetically pleasing artworks. These works take many forms: performances, sculptures, installations…

Art in urban design

With graffiti, sculptures and art installations, art embellishes the urban environment by creating convivial spaces.

Art becomes social

Social art uses forms of expression to tell stories, stimulate social action and encourage critical thinking.